The world is our workshop and providing smart solutions for our planet’s ecosystem is important to us. We introduce to you the Mutsy Forest.

Little things, big differences

At Mutsy, we know that it’s all the little things that make a big difference, and with sustainability embedded into our DNA, our packaging is just one of the many aspects of our innovation. Making simple, smart changes, our packaging takes on a minimal approach and is made from recyclable cardboard, avoiding excess wherever we can. However, sustainability is our ongoing journey, and this is just one step of the journey to make Mutsy a completely sustainable brand

Let's grow together

Join us in building the Mutsy Forest! With every Mutsy stroller purchased, a tree is planted in the heart of Brazil. Just like with everything we do; innovation and rejuvenation are pillars of our brand. The future of the rainforest is in our generation’s hands, so what better way to make change than alongside your little one? This is one of our major initiatives, joining the journey to plant 1.7 billion trees within the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. Check out more about the Mutsy Forest below!

2030 Vision

Sustainability is, and will always be, a pillar of our Mutsy DNA. Although we are already certified under the UN Sustainable Development Goals – we want and know we can always go further! Our goal is simple: to produce fully circular strollers by 2030. Made entirely out of recycled and sustainable materials, our designs are underway and the Mutsy sustainable journey has just begun!

Discover Mutsy's tree initiative

Looking for a stroller that is both innovative and environmentally responsible? Mutsy is the perfect choice for you. When you buy a Mutsy stroller, you’re not only providing a comfy ride for your child but joining us on our journey of reforestation in Brazil. That’s why when you register your stroller on our website, we’ll plant a sapling in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest.
As a special touch, we’ll also send you a yearly picture of your sapling so you can track its growth and progress alongside your child. It’s like having your own piece of the rainforest in your backyard!


By choosing Mutsy, you’re not only giving your child a smooth and comfortable ride, but you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future. It’s the little things that make a big difference.