Experience unmatched versatility with the Nexo+ stroller. Your ultimate companion for parenting on the go.

Add a splash of colour

The Nexo+ boasts a flexible frame that seamlessly accommodates both the seat unit and carrycot, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two. Elevate your style with a choice of three contemporary colors: North Black, Concrete, and Sea Green.

Colour: North black
FROM €599

The Nexo+ offers a seamless transition between carrycot fabric and seat fabric, all while maintaining the same sturdy frame and canopy.

With the Nexo+, folding is a breeze, requiring just a few simple steps. Streamlined and user-friendly, it ensures quick and hassle-free storage.

The Nexo+ boasts a lightweight frame, making it remarkably easy to maneuver and transport.

By keeping the frame the same for both the seat and the carrycot, we are both saving you money and helping the environment. The Nexo+ requires less materials to produce and is much smaller in transport!


Exceptional Fabric Quality The Nexo+ showcases premium fabrics with exquisite mesh detailing in both the carrycot and canopy, enhancing comfort and style for your child.
Versatile Seating The Nexo+ offers three adjustable backrest positions, catering to your child's needs, whether they're resting or eager to explore. Additionally, you can lock the front wheels to keep the stroller on a straight path.
Built-in Suspension The Nexo+ features robust integrated suspension within its frame, protecting the components from dirt and adverse weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance throughout its lifespan.
Enhance Your Experience Unlock the full potential of your strolling adventures with a wide range of accessories, including a footmuff, nursery bag, raincovers, and more.
Car Seat Compatibility Easily attach car seat adapters to make the Nexo+ compatible with all major car seat brands, providing seamless travel options for you and your little one.


Raincover carrycot

Available in 3 colors

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Raincover seat

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Footmuff comfort

Available in 8 colors

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Car seat adapters

Available in 4 colors

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