The Mutsy history dates back to 1937 and is one of innovation and design. This DNA enables us to look towards the future and the contemporary lifestyle of our ever-growing community.


The start of a journey. Mr. Mutsaert hand-crafted the first ever Mutsy model in 1939. Only a fraction of what it is now, yet a miracle for its time frame.


1963 marks the year of the first ever fully dismountable Mutsy carriage, the ‘Plivite system’. The four substantial wheels could be taken off and carried apart from the cot.


Another innovative masterpiece. In 1975 Mutsy’s first pushchairs were brought to the market. All including an adjustable back and - for the time being - sporty design.


1978. The year in which Ascot was introduced: a carrycot that could also be transformed into a seat.


Baby steps turned into bigger steps: in 1983 Mutsy created its first 3-in-1 concept. The prestigious Monaco model could be used as a stroller, a carrycot and with a car seat.


The start of Mutsy. In 1997 the first steps towards the Mutsy strollers as we know them now were taken. A new modular and lighter weight system that was more convenient to use than ever before.


Mutsy continues to develop itself into becoming more sustainable, comfortable, functional and more. We are always striving for improvement where challenges lie and we are dedicated to meeting that challenge with creativity, passion, and a forward-thinking approach.