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Made for unlimited adventure. A lightweight all-rounder that invites you to explore.

Add a splash of colour

Evo is both a stroller and a carrycot, coming in a wide range of colour variations. Stand out with our newest Infinite Sand addition or explore our beautiful blends of Grey. There’s a colour for every aesthetic.

Colour: Infinite Sand
FROM €599

With a multi-functional design, Evo can be used with a carry cot, reversible stroller seat, and car seat.

Featuring a backrest and leg support, the Evo seat can be fully adjusted to multiple positions, including an ergonomic extra flat sleeping position. Ensuring only the most comfortable naps and the sweetest dreams!

Packed with adventure. Evo’s suspension allows for comfortable strolling and can hold up to 22 kg with ease, no heavy carrying after a shopping trip!

The exceptionally spacious cot and seat provide your kid with enough space to move around, whilst always remaining safe in its seat. The extra padding makes sure your child is always as comfortable as can be!

With a multi-functional design, Evo can be used with a carry cot, reversible stroller seat, and car seat.


Silky soft materials Made with only the highest quality and silky soft materials, Evo is not only extremely durable in any weather circumstance, but also very aesthetically pleasing.
Height-adjustable push bar The telescopic push bar is fully height-adjustable, so parents of all heights can use the stroller comfortably.
Detachable wheels Evo has specially fabricated wheels: the mix of foam and rubber allows for extra comfort on any terrain. The wheels are easily detachable for an even more compact unit.
Ergonomic design With an ergonomic design and clearly visible function buttons, using Evo is intuitive and effortless.
Integrated shopping basket Evo’s integrated shopping basket provides parents with enough space to carry all of their essentials, groceries or any other heavy carrying.


Our promises

As a brand we strive to combine innovation, sustainability and exploration. Together we’re creating a new and exciting world.