Car seat adapters

Easily attach your car seat to the frame of your Mutsy stroller.

Colour: Nio
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  • evo
  • flow
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Broad compatibility Compatible with these models and its future iterations: - Maxi-Cosi: Pebble, Pebble Plus, Cabriofix and Citi - Kiddy: Evolution Pro, Evolution Pro 2 and Evo-luna i-size ​- Cybex: Aton, Aton 4 and Aton Q - Besafe: iZi Go (X1) and iZi Go Modular - And many more! See our support page to learn about how we add new seats.
Easy to use Designed with a custom-made click-in system, these adapters allow for quick and effortless attachment of the car seat to the Mutsy stroller. This feature is particularly useful for busy parents needing to transition from car to stroller swiftly, ideal for quick errands or outdoor activities.
Tailored Design Every adapter is specifically designed to match a corresponding Mutsy stroller model, ensuring a perfect, secure fit. This tailored design enhances the overall functionality and ease of use.
Safety Assurance These adapters are engineered to support the weight of the car seat with your little one, aligning with its weight capacity for optimal safety. This ensures a secure and stable attachment, providing peace of mind for parents about their child's safety during travel.