Mutsy, simple human magic.

Mutsy, simple human magic.

When you are expecting you are heading for a fantastic, frightening and unforgettable time. A time filled with love and magical moments but also a time of looking for a new balance. Since 1937 Dutch stroller brand Mutsy has been trying to help young parents in those first years by creating comfortable, reliable strollers and buggies that enhance the mobility and facilitate life as a mom and dad.


Everyone’s journey is different.

As a parent to be you know that this is the best thing that can happen to you. All your friends say it, all the magazines tell you, and even your mom agrees. But no-one can really capture thee motions and new perspectives on life for you.

Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s unique and sublime moments with their newborn are personal and different. Mutsy can help bring to life, and amplify, the breath of experiences and enjoyment of these moments.

Magical moments

Magical moments

The most human moment in our lives is when we deliver a new human into the world. The most disruptive moment of our lives is when we first become parents. The most transformative moments in our lives is when we see the world through new eyes. The most marvelous moment of our lives is looking into these new eyes.

These are the moments when being human starts meaning something different. These are the moments when we find out what being together really means. These are the moments when we step up from being humans to being parents.


These are the moments when simple human magic happens.

Mutsy champions moments of ‘Simple. Human. Magic.’ and provides parents with the tools to enjoy these moments on the go. Mutsy shows that being human is the first step & that the best is yet to come.

The simple Mutsy

Mutsy’s products, designs and communication are focused upon bringing ease and simplicity for young parents. Mutsy understands that being parents all boils down to begating complexity and getting down to simple human enjoyment, for parents and for their babies.


The human Mutsy

Mutsy’s products, designs and communication are driven by human understanding. Made by humans, for humans. Using human insights and a human voice in sharing knowledge on the (pre-)parenting phase, our brand connects on an emotional level.


The magic Mutsy

Mutsy products, designs and communication are remarkable and relevant and capture the sublime moments of the relationship between your newborn and you.

Mutsy is part of the Popal Mobility Group

Mutsy is part of the Popal Mobility Group


Popal Mobility Group (PMG) has been in the bicycle industry since 1998. Run by brothers Aryan and Daniël Popal, the company now employs about 150 people. PMG has offices in the Netherlands, Southern Europe and Asia, a 38,000 m2 distribution centre in Drunen (Noord-Brabant) and a dealer network with over 1,500 stores in Europe. PMG is the company behind popular bicycle brands Popal, Cangoo, Keewee, Supersuper, BSP and Bird Bike and produces over 200,000 bicycles annually.


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